Interested in taking violin lessons?

Matthew, concert violinist and educator, has taught at schools and universities in the mid-west, performed in major cities in the US and Europe, and served on the board of regional symphonies. He is also an experienced Baroque violin instructor. 

Matt is a wonderful teacher! I had an one hour lesson with him on Edward Lalo Symphony Espagnol just a few weeks before my violin jury and I can say that every single piece of advice he gave me was truly helpful for my performance. He talked to me about technique, character and musicality. I'm very thankful for his comments!


Emilia C.


As a pre-k teacher in the KCKPS district we did a Unit of Study on Music. We learned a lot about a variety of instruments, music notes, different genres of music and to be more aware of all the music around us each day. As an end of the unit celebration, we invited Matthew Bennett to come visit our classroom to share his love for music with our students. Matthew played his violin, explained all the parts of the instrument, and provided activities that engaged the students such as listening for a pattern or repeated beat. The class loved singing along as he asked them for song requests. The kids were in awe as he played a variety of songs and shared his knowledge of music. 


Ms. Pam Herrick

Pre-K Teacher

Bertrum-Caruthers Elementary